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You may have installed anti-virus software on all the personal computers your business owns. But have you given sufficient thought to your website's security? Your site is, after all, a vulnerable business asset. Unless you have security measures in place to prevent your site against attacks, you are risking the theft or misuse of critical business or customer data, which can have a direct impact on your reputation. If yours is an ecommerce business or your website is hosted on a shared server, website security assumes even greater importance.

Mitigate risk of DDoS attacks with comprehensive security defenses from KANZit

DDoS attacks are possibly the most popular weapon of choice for hackers. They can strike a business of any size. With the constant threat of new viruses and worms, DDoS attacks have become easy to launch and more frequently launched on business websites. They bring down a site by jamming its origin server with fake requests from multiple networks and locations. Slow loading pages and blockage of legitimate website traffic are just two effects of a DDoS attack.
Planning for DDoS attacks and putting security controls in place is a critical IT function. Routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and sinkholing are some of the common controls employed by IT departments to safeguard company networks and applications. Even with a full set of controls in place, your website may not be entirely impenetrable. To bolster security, you can use intelligent software solutions that use behavior recognition patterns or have a built-in mechanism to absorb and deflect DDoS traffic, or employ other ways to control or mitigate attacks.
Our security professionals have the knowledge and experience to implement security solutions targeted at your website's requirements. We provide both protection and prevention for your network and applications.

Recover from DDoS incidents and assure business continuity

Without DDoS incident response in place, you stand to lose more time during the attack and affect business continuity. Given that, on an average, over 7,000 DDoS attacks are reported everyday, you can never predict when your network could be the next target. If you have been at the receiving end of a DDoS attack, we can help you get back on your feet quickly. We understand the flow of the attack, measure impact, review logs and loads, differentiate DDoS traffic aspects from benign traffic and review traffic to halt attacks. We also help you prepare for future attacks.

Beyond DDoS attacks

KANZit's security professionals provide solutions aimed at various security aspects of your website. Ensure browser integrity, block IP addresses, add layers of protection to ports and address malware risks with smart controls that work 24x7 to safeguard your owned digital assets.
As attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, implementing robust security solutions has become mandatory, not optional, especially for ecommerce businesses. Large-scale attacks and data compromises translate into lost customers and shaken confidence in your business. Why take chances when our affordable security service can ensure the safety and integrity of your website?

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