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Your web design can be a deal maker or breaker. When attractive, well-integrated and easy to browse, it enhances visitor experience and keeps them coming back for more. You gain the confidence of your customers. Basically, you have a solid foundation from which you can launch your goals-driven online activities. If you want to experience these benefits, we're the web and graphic design company to talk to.

Get solutions tailored to your requirements

Our approach to web development is dictated by your unique needs. Whether you want a simple site with a few features or a large scalable and highly customized site, we can deliver. We define your requirements, develop and test different modules, deploy efficiently, and help you transition smoothly from the old to the new.

Wireframing using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

Our designers use wireframing efficiently to define your design's information hierarchy and plan the layout based on how you want your users to process the information. Wireframing also provides insights into how users interact with the interface. The architectural blueprint we create in black-and-white informs our decisions on layout and interface without the distraction of colors, typeface or text.
We use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript create wireframes as opposed to using prototyping tools that tend not to accurately reflect the environment of the web. Wireframing in these scripting languages helps in creating richer websites with descriptive attributes and structural tags. For instance, HTML5 has new structural elements which our designers can quickly mock up a document and create a rough page layout fast.

Graphic design that makes an impact

The strength of your visual branding speaks volumes about your business. Elegant graphic design solutions aligned to your brand identity can convince visitors about the quality and trustworthiness of your brand. You can play around with graphic design in various ways depending on how you want to position your brand. If you are a start-up and figuring out how to carve your niche online, our designers can help you with a few ideas. If you have a well-defined brand identity, we can extend it online and make your website reflect it accurately. In any case, our goal is to ensure that your site's design delivers an instant impact, encourages engagement, and builds more confidence in your brand.

Our web design solutions are smart and insights-driven

When you design your site, you have to make some critical decisions. The decisions will have to factor in what you want as well as what your customers really need. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you may want a snazzy 'About Us' page but fail to provide directions to your restaurant or have a page dedicated to your menu. Your web design should have room and a defined plan to present critical business information. With these essential aspects in place, you can move on to planning the visual elements and/or music you want to incorporate in your landing page.
We follow the best practices of web design, focusing on a creating a logical roadmap (through wireframing) first, including crucial business and contact information, ensuring simple navigation, and integrating social media to enhance your digital footprint. If you want a web design that is both desktop and mobile friendly, our designers can implement a responsive design tailored to your needs.

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