Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Being social is much, much more than just creating a Facebook page or Twitter account. The whole point of social media marketing is to have a sustained brand consumer exchange. This is possible only if you have clear goals from social media investment, winning strategies, and a constant eye on social conversations around your brand. Herein lies the challenge: most businesses seldom have the time or dedicated resources to extract maximum value from social media. What if a social media manager from KANZit could plan, implement, manage and monitor social media campaigns for you?

Position your brand attractively on social media sites

If you don't have a social presence at all or wish you had a more dynamic one, we can help. The KANZit social media manager handling your account will first understand your business, social media objectives, and preferred way of interacting with your target audience. These details are important to align your social media presence perfectly with your brand identity and customer communication goals. A strategic approach guided by your social media vision helps define tasks, milestones, and a roadmap for future goals.
We then custom-create your Facebook page (with cover and profile image), Twitter profile (with background and profile image), Google+ page and other social media accounts. We can also redesign your existing pages for enhanced aesthetic and brand value. Once the groundwork has been laid or strengthened, we explore ways to spur meaningful two-way conversations with your audience.

Expand your social media audience, increase your social currency

For effective social media engagement to occur, you must have eyes and ears on your target audience's likes, interests and preferences. If your goal is to increase sales, social media buyer personas can help you plan content. If you are aiming for brand-building or awareness, the focus should be on converting your customers into brand ambassadors on social media channels. Improving customer service through social media calls for a different approach. Regardless of your goals, it's important that you first build a following on social platforms.
After creating your social media pages/accounts, we populate them with compelling content targeted at your goals. It's not just a funny meme now and then, special offers or casual conversations with your fans and followers, but a solid content plan based on social listening and discovery. This will help you amass a quality audience as opposed to a flighty one.

  • Building fans and likes on Facebook
  • Facebook page management
  • Building followers on Twitter
  • Twitter account management
  • Creating and editing YouTube videos
  • Building connections on LinkedIn
  • Setting up Google+ page
  • Setting up Pinterest and Instagram accounts and more

We schedule social media posts, reply to your audience's responses or revert to you when necessary, keep your pages fresh and updated, and manage and have constant oversight on your accounts. The KANZit social media manager in charge of your account provides you with analytical reports explaining how your social media activities are fulfilling your goals and demonstrating business value.

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