Search Engine Optimization

Google has kept SEO professionals on their toes by updating their requirements for website content that can potentially help businesses position themselves higher on search engine results pages. Not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo also expect businesses to have a robust content strategy in place to enhance their visibility and strengthen their online presence. Content quality and link quality are the two major aspects of the strategy. If your SEO text is relevant, engaging and helpful to your target audience, search engines will view it favorably and continue to support your site. KANZit can optimize your website content, create fresh SEO content and give your SEO efforts a boost.

Tie up loose ends and make your website more searchable

If your website is not receiving much attention from search engines, it's possible that your webpages may not be fully optimized. Our monitoring solutions can identify areas where optimization is lacking and update your pages. We check meta tags, site title, meta description, meta keywords, heading tags, keyword density and images to make your site indexable by search engines. We also advise you on text for quality, relevance and originality. Should your webpages require more words (minimum recommended is 400 words), we'll suggest how you can go about it.

Get SEO text written by our skilled copywriters

We follow the best practices of SEO writing to create optimized webpages, blog posts or articles. The content is 100% original (search engines penalize websites for duplicate content), proof-read for spelling and grammatical mistakes, and incorporates keywords in the recommended density (3% of the total number of words on a page) to improve your site's ranking on search engines.
We can also optimize your existing text quantity and quality. Given the state of your webpages, this can be an edit job or a more comprehensive rework. In the latter case, you can determine if you want us to create the content from scratch.
Our copywriters have a keen understanding of organic SEO principles. They stay updated with the latest algorithm changes and align their writing approach to make branded content more appealing to search engine spiders.
Of course, SEO text, by itself, cannot drive up search engine rankings. You also need to support it by including backlinks from high-quality, popular and authoritative sites. You can consult us for more information on website linking.

SEO is a consistent effort, we can be your go-to partner for content updates

Increasing and updating your website's content is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Search engines maintain the most updated versions of websites in their index. They also try to add new and enhanced information to it on a consistent basis. By add to site content, you can retain the attention of search engines and give searchability a boost. Fresh content also encourages visitors to keep coming back for more. You can add a blog, upload images, include a dedicated promotions page, and more. We can generate SEO text of all kinds on-demand. A familiarity with your business will cut down on turnaround time and give you an edge over competitors in the online visibility stakes.

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You can opt for a standalone SEO package or integrate SEO with some of our web design packages. Fill our online form to discuss your SEO requirements. We look forward to assisting you.