Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Recent news indicates that tablet activations have zoomed past smartphone activations. The introduction of newer platforms and devices is changing the application development landscape. KANZit stays on the pulse of the latest technologies and innovations to deliver top-of-the-line application development solutions.

The explosive growth in mobile computing is fueling an unprecedented demand for mobile application development. Businesses are increasingly depending on app developers to build and manage applications. Our skilled developers have built high-performance business applications to make processes more efficient, provide field support with real-time communication and data availability, enable offline working, deliver enhanced customer support and more.

Multi-device and platform capabilities

We develop applications for all common mobile and tablet platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, standards and best practices, we develop a vast range of solutions to suit a variety of business needs. We have experience developing native, web, HTML5 and hybrid mobile applications.

How we work

To ensure the successful end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications, we follow a structured approach.
Consultancy: We first understand your requirements thoroughly. We apply insights from working on apps related to your industry to inform our understanding. If we have limited or no experience developing apps in your niche, we invest some time towards discovery, getting a better idea of the mobile landscape and your domain to assess opportunities and risks.
Design: Equipped with a complete idea about the envisioned solution, we create the documentation that will serve as the basis for further development and serve as proof of concept.
Development: We translate the requirements into the solution as conceived in the design stage. The application will be tested across the target devices to ensure it performs up to expectations.
Optimization: We evaluate your app's performance among target users and gather feedback. The inputs are analyzed to determine the possibility of enhancements. If so, an optimization process to make iterative modifications is implemented.
The final app is ready to go live and start providing the functionality and benefits expected from it.

The KANZit advantage

  • A team of dynamic and experienced multi-platform mobile developers
  • Strict adherence to coding standards and guidelines
  • Agile development methods to save time and costs
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Secure and easy-to-use applications

A mobile or web platform works best with a specific set of technologies. We choose the right tools for your target platform; it could be common, currently-existing technologies or new, emerging ones. This enables us to develop apps that work well and run fast. Our app developers are technologists well-versed in all aspects of the platforms we work with. We emphasize clean and concise code as much as engaging user experience to create a final product that ticks all the right boxes. We navigate around challenges to build complex, feature-rich apps. When the project requires it, our developers are not afraid to go the extra mile and think out-of-the-box.

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