Live Streaming

Businesses are increasingly using live streaming to enhance the reach and impact of meetings, events and marketing messages. If you want to play streaming digital media to your target audience, you have come to the right place. KANZit, in collaboration with its international partner ViaStreaming Inc. enables you to leverage the benefits of live streaming on your website.

How does our partnership with ViaStreaming benefit you?

ViaStreaming Inc. is a Streaming Media Hosting Provider, as well as a Flash Media Server host. Headquartered out of Jersey City since 2004, ViaStreaming Inc. owns and operates private racks in three different data centers in the United States and Europe. It offers 99.9% access through a high-speed connection to streams, with an automated system monitoring bandwidth usage and shifting new connections to a new server when the existing server has reached 80% capacity. Our partnership with ViaStreaming guarantees you stable and secure streams.
The company's Flash Media Server hosting allows you to stream meetings, shows, sporting events, concerts, promotional events, educational services, religious services and live webcasts through the adoption of the best streaming technologies currently in use. You are assured top-quality audio and video on any operating system.
If you have a website with us or a third-party, we can make live streaming available to you. You can make your website a single point of contact for live streaming various digital content and attract a captive audience.

Five reasons why our live streaming service makes good business sense

Whether your customers or employees are geographically spread out, you can use live streaming to effectively reach out to them.


Live streaming is an affordable option for various types of audio-video content to be broadcast online from virtually anywhere. If you want to live stream your business event, you can do so more cost-effectively than a traditional event, which involves traveling, lodging, meals and more. Web streaming will save you more money than buying CDs or opting for satellite radio subscriptions.

Larger audience

With just an internet connection, your audience can access live events from any place on the map. The biggest advantage of this capability is that you can exponentially increase access to events and information. You can live stream your product launch to customers or training classes to sub-contractors in a simple and seamless way.

Connect better

Live streaming facilitates a participatory environment where messages are received in real-time as they occur. It not only increases audience engagement but also makes you appear more accountable and transparent.

Rich content delivery

The vast choice in content allows you to make decisions on live streaming more flexibly. The top quality of audio-video streams also enables you to deliver rich content to your audience.

Eco-responsible choice

Live streaming cuts down on the environmental footprint of your business and events. You can demonstrate your eco-responsibility to your customers by opting for live streaming solutions.

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