Human Resource Cloud Service

Human Resource Cloud Service

Imagine a NEW HR system that will change your world! We will help you automate your HR processes, manage them from a central processing location, but you could access it from any place on earth. DewanHR's powerful human resources web application in the cloud makes this possible. Say goodbye to multiple information systems, chaotic communication across HR teams, and high costs of traditional HR software. Leverage our human resource cloud service to drive more efficiency, operational flexibility, cost effectiveness, documentation and security. You get to do that without having to buy a single extra hardware, and never be chained to a desktop computer for an indefinite time.

How making a move to the cloud benefits your HR department

DewanHR is targeting small to medium size businesses that need a real life system that works by delivering what matters without fuss or worry. DewanHR cloud system is not confined to space, building, or even country. Cloud HR transcends across boarders just like the net does because it is based on the net. You are able to access HR from any spot in the world that has an internet connection. Your reach is immediate and your presence is felt in real time even though, you could be half way across the world on a business trip.

By making a move to the cloud, tracking applications, searching resumes, generating reports, tracking performance appraisals, calculating and maintaining data on employees becomes much easier. For organizations that deal with huge volumes of people data on a day-to-day basis, a cloud based computing system can greatly simplify work processes.
If you are a small business, you don't have to drain your budget on purchasing expensive software, server space and site licenses. With cloud computing, you can maintain a mobile workforce with the flexibility to access the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection or on a mobile device.

Things to think about:

Centralize the management of HR functions: Manage your HR programs from a central location to save time, lower costs and align HR efforts with your company's other key activities and decisions.
Increase data accuracy, integrity and completeness: Automating HR tasks increases the accuracy of data, removes redundancy and ensures its timeliness and completeness.
Simple customization: You can integrate features you want, like benefits or application tracking, into the web application. Build custom fields and forms aligned to your processes and work methodology. Easy customization allows you to make additions and changes in line with changing requirements and regulations.
Cost effectiveness: No hardware to buy, no extreme preparations, free training, no installations, free technical support, free upgrades, guaranteed updates year round.
Security: Maximum security for your data online as if you are accessing your bank information. Information is well protected. Each employee and manager in the company has their own unique ID and passwords to keep every transaction isolated and traceable.
Enjoy anywhere, anytime access: All you need is an internet to access the information you need whether you're working on your laptop from home or using your smartphone at an airport lounge in a different time zone.

Making the transition is easy

If you are wondering whether moving to the cloud will be a tedious affair, the short answer is "no". Our web application is easy and quick to implement. You don't need specialized IT skills to use the application; it's simple, intuitive and user-friendly. Its powerful integration capability allows you to benefit from a robust, automated HR system that all key organizational departments can leverage for maximum benefits.