True Type Font Design

Visual interest is an important aspect of branding. Consistent use of custom fonts in your visual communications encourages high recall value. Every time consumers drive past your billboard, visit your website or see your print advertisement, your uniquely designed message is imprinted in their minds and becomes a powerful influencer when it's time to make a purchase decision. With KANZit's custom font design solutions, your brand recall value can increase multifold.

Leverage the benefits of TrueType fonts to differentiate yourself from the competition

TrueType fonts deliver the kind the visual impact that helps position your brand more attractively and differentiates you from the competition. These file formats have been successfully leveraged by the likes of AT&T, Apple and New York Times to create visual impact and brand recognition. We provide custom font design in TrueType format to ably support your visual communications goals.

What are TrueType fonts?

TrueType is a specification on which the primary font technology for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS is based. The specification was developed by Apple and adopted by Microsoft. Each company has independently made extensions to TrueType, which is used in both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. TrueType fonts are scalable, and can be displayed in innumerable point sizes and resolution.

KANZit provides quality TrueType font design in English and Arabic

Depending on your target audience and market reach, you may want to invest in multi-lingual marketing collateral to get your message out clearly. This necessitates the use of attractive font in the target languages. Customized fonts attract attention and draw potential customers to your brand. The good news is that we provide a high level of customization for both English and Arabic fonts.
Our English commercial-use TrueType fonts are created dynamically and can be included effortlessly into your multimedia designs. You can use them to make your website come alive or grab eyeballs to your banner ads.
We also provide quality Arabic fonts customized to your branding requirements. The efforts of prominent font design Mohammed Alagha have led to a library of Arabic TrueType fonts for Microsoft. Mr. Alagha has licensed a few of his font designs currently used on Windows. His font designs boast quality and agility. If you are marketing to an Arab audience, we can make a full family of Arabic TrueType fonts accessible to you.

Why KANZit?

We've helped many companies communicate their brand values through the use of custom designed type. Our clients include Sayedati Magazine and Saudi Arabian Rail (SAR). Furthermore, a couple of AGA fonts (Andalus and AGA Arabesque) have been installed and shipped with Microsoft Windows since 1996. You may already have ideas on how your typeface should reflect your corporate identity. Our design experts can work with you to give tangible form to your design goals and translate your vision into reality.
When it comes to customization, you have innumerable options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a complete typeface family in a range of weights or special character sets, we can deliver.

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Custom fonts are exclusive! They build brand continuity. With signature type font, your design tasks are simplified. See how you can make the most of our custom font design solutions by filling our online form today.